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Fimar's pride in being Australian owned and operated adds a touch of local identity and commitment to serving the community in Malaga, Perth, Western Australia. As specialists in engraving and permanent marking, the company offers a unique set of skills and expertise to clients in the region.

The use of the latest state-of-the-art advanced laser technology, including the dual laser system for marking, engraving, and cutting materials, demonstrates Fimar's dedication to staying at the forefront of engraving techniques. This capability allows the company to cater to a wide range of industries and materials, meeting the diverse needs of its customers.

The emphasis on delivering the highest quality products and durable engravings aligns with Fimar's commitment to customer satisfaction and reliability. This feature is particularly valuable in industries that require long-lasting and robust markings, ensuring that clients' products maintain their integrity even in challenging environments.

What is permanent marking and why is it so effective?

Permanent marking via laser is immensely durable and will survive the harshest environments. At its core, marking is the 'discolouration' of the material to make it stand out from the background.

Engraving has the same longevity as permanent marking. During the engraving process, surface material is removed, rather than just 'discoloured', to differentiate it from the background. Both of these processes are distinctly different and, to achieve professional results, call for a different laser type.

To allow us to mark/engrave the widest possible spectrum of materials, we employ the latest advanced technology available. The dual laser system within our state-of-the-art laser allows us to mark metals as well as engrave and cut a variety of other materials.

We believe that only by knowing our laser's vast capabilities in detail, we can give our customers the best possible professional product they require. Therefore we continue to test the limits of our laser with new processes and materials.

Without question our laser can handle materials like stainless steel and aluminium as well as a range of plastics such as traffolyte with ease. In addition, glass, wood, leather, and stone and paper are other excellent media for laser engraving/marking. We do love a challenge so we encourage customers to approach us with their specific and unique requirements.

Laser Room-Galvo FIbre/CO2

Why Choose Fimar for your Engraving?

We will provide you with a superior service, that is fast and hassle free, guaranteed!

Did you know!

Fimar Engraving is a part of Fimar Group who also specialise in corrosion control of stainless steel and metal treatments. Our passivation tank system is one of the most advanced systems in the world. Follow link to Fimar Polish to find out more.